Incredible Fly-In, Sept. 4-8, Triple Tree Aerodrome, SC00, Woodruff, SC


When’s the last time you went to an airport and felt that an aiport, the people and the airplanes were just pure magic? Remember how airports used to be welcoming, exciting and special? Well, there’s a place just like that only better and it belongs to all of us aviators as it has been placed in a 501©3 trust by Pat Hartness so that it can be here for generations to come. This has got to be the most incredible gift to aviation ever! It’s called Triple Tree Aerodrome ( identifier is SC00/near Woodruff, SC) and there’s going to be a fly-in there on Sept 4-8 and the entire GA community is invited. The runway is 7000 ft. long and golf green smooth! You can fly in for the day or stay the entire time. Beautiful camping facilities are available (including granite counter tops in the shower facilities). There’s even a beach along the Enoree River. This is truly kid friendly. How about a stocked fishing lake for the kids…it’s here. Got an amphib? There’s a lake to land on. Hotels are available nearby for those not into camping. Rental cars…Yes!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very, very special place and event. Please see the below link for more info. We’d love to have every Cirrus in existence show up for this fly in! We all sit back and say aviation just isn’t as “special” as it used to be… well, it is at Triple Tree! Please support this fly-in and the future of Triple Tree by coming and enjoying the finest general aviation facility in the world. I promise you will leave truly excited about the future of our passion - FLYING!

Rob Traynham

Wow Rob! That is a gorgeous runway! Looks like a very good time. Will there be plenty of parking?

Plenty of parking. Also 100ll at a very reasonable price. A special meal every night (including cook your own steak and world famous BBQ)’ claases, fishing, camping, hiking and more. Please talk it up at your airport. We want every aviator to know and visit Triple Tree!


Wow. I wish we had that kind of enthusiasm at our airport. I’m going to talk to wife tonight about coming down. I’m not a camper so I would need to rent a car and get a hotel! Looks like that wont be a problem at all.