In Prebuy .. looking for CFI to fly my plane home (with me)

Hi all.

I am under contract for an SR20 and am looking for a CFI who will fly it home with me, and provide instruction along the way. The departure airport will be in St Louis (Cahokia, Ill), going to Van Nuys, CA. It’s a 10-hour or less flight that would depart October 17.

2002 Gen 1 SR20

I’m closing escrow on the sale of my Bonanza V-35B within 48 hours. I’m a VFR private with 600 hours.

I can’t be the only person who has done this, so I would appreciate all the advice I can get. I plan to become a full member of COPA once I come out of Prebuy.

Thank you!


Matt, I’m sure you will get a CFI responding soon, but might I suggest you spend the $65 now while you’re in prebuy. There are a lot of things you might find or might want to look at during the prebuy that the member area would allow you to either search for or ask questions about.

I’ll submit my hat for this. PM me your info or contact me through the website below

Matt I’ll advise that unless you’ve retained independent expertise (Cirrus specific and not actually doing the inspection) you should join now and search the forums for “pre-buy”. Best $65 you’ll spend in aviation. Of course while you’re searching type “SR22 vs SR20”!!

Thank you for that. The 22 is out of my wallet’s league… so the comparison isn’t of any value; nevertheless, don’t think for a minute that I haven’t done that 50 times already!!! I love the 22. One day I’ll have one (or a Corvalis).


Just prior experience speaking: Join the member side. I can think up 100 items which will cost tens of thousands of dollars during the inspection phase alone if they are not caught. Whatever you decide have the right experts lined up who know what to look for so you don’t end up paying for it later, especially if you are on a budget. Once you own it you are married to it.

This is the least expensive part of ownership: my lawyer is $800 per hour and he’s worthless. One screw up in the inspection costs you way more than you would’ve saved. One screw up in training costs your life.

Ask questions before you sign on the line.

Hi Matt and welcome to COPA! Lots of great information here, as you have already found out.

When I bought my 22 it was in Arizona. I had a CSIP meet me there and then did my transition training on the way back to Wisconsin. A very smart thing to do, in my opinion, and worth every penny!

You’ve already had an offer from Alex (great instructor) and I am sure others will pipe in.

You’re going to love the Cirrus! Good luck!

Hello Matt,

We would be happy to help you with your flight home and transition instruction. Please feel free to call us at 972-704-9575. Congratulations on your Cirrus purchase.


Robert Palmer ATP, CFI-A, II, MEI, CSIP

Chief Pilot/Vice President

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