I'm on the outside looking in...

I think I paid for my annual membership in Dec but cannot get to the membership side. I emailed COPA but am still locked out since the site went down last. Is anyone else locked out?

This happened to me a couple months back. I received a quick email response and was swiftly back on the members side. I have remained on the inside since.

It’s a mystery, and happens every once in a while. It should be working now. Sorry about that.


I had the problem last weekend and it was fixed overnite after an e-mail to the web administrator

Thanks !!

Ok I’m back in on icopa

Same thing is happening to me. I emailed them, but no response so far.

Now it is my turn. I can log in and out but I cannot access the member forums. This happened when I tried to read a post in the jet position holders forum. I didn’t realize which forum I was trying to access and I am not a member of that group.

EDIT - I am currently logged in (I see my username and ‘Sign out’ below the COPA logo) but when I made this post it shows me as a guest. Interesting glitch in the site that seems like it could be fixed if the source of the problem could be identified.

I’m back in. Thanks!