I'm looking for Flythissim product

I’m looking for flythissim product.

Please contact me at s27214549@gmail.com

or messages to 4045139482


Without knowing you or saying anything negative about your post, I want to warn members that we have had members scammed by some WTB posts. Members please be careful.

I’m not selling something here. I just a student from China and working on my IR.

I’m a buyer how to cheat?

I think he is trying to warn you that a someone will try to sell you one that is not a real seller and trying to scam you.

Be very careful. We have had scammers try to do that exact same thing. At least one COPA member paid for and never received the product.

Got it thank you!

I Purchased this sim in anticipation of buying my 2016 Cirrus SR22T. Over the course of two months I flew hundreds of instrument approaches into scores of airports nationwide from the comfort of my den. By utilizing the Pilots Edge service I had real ATC controllers giving me all the feedbackI never wanted. I felt like I got a years worth of in-airplane training in 60 days.