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Considering the purchase of a home flight simulator to replicate my 2006, SR 22 G2 with updated avionics including a Garmin 750/650 stack and Avidyne DFC 90 auto pilot.
I have done a lot of research so far but the more I read the More I’m confused. Your thoughts and recommendations would be appreciated. I understand that COPA uses flythiSIM touch simulators and I would like some feedback how this compares and contrast to the realsim gear, Cirrus package. Thank you in advance for your responses.

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Stephen I just sent you a PM.

I chose a mighty computer, plus the HP reverb VR headset. Practiced all of the required maneuvers in it and get my commercial license in my SR22 G2, mine cirrus is an avidyne model, the X-plane 11 has a pretty good set up to replicate it. let me know if you want to go that route

I have this setup which mirrors my 2005 SR22 G2 (Entegra, DFC90, GTN650.750)

X- Plane

Torque Sim

RealSim Gear subscription
You can do software licenses and utilize on screen instead of buying hardware if you like

Thanks for advice . Do you have the real sim gear utilizing the TorqueSim’s and xplane software or just the software?

Stephen Seidel

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That’s an option I had not considered. How do compare the vr headset vs a computer display?


TourqSim’ Sr22 and the RealGear. There is a plane option to select GTN series.

I have X-Plane 12 running the TorqueSim SR22 (with G1000 and Perspective avionics), and it runs well (some minor bugs that are unresolved, maybe due to it being XP 11 compatible only, but it’ll get updated soon I imagine). Also, have an Oculus Q2 headset and it’s acceptable.

Flies quite well and has a very accurate flight model I’d say.

For IFD users, TourqueSim’s SR22 Avidyne can be used with Avidyne’s TrainerXP, but it is quite janky. I knew about it from TourqueSim, but decided to bite the bullet and buy it anyway, as I really want to practice at home. The problem with TrainerXP is that in the NAV mode, the plane would all of a sudden veer off course and then re-capture after a few bounces left and right. Very annoying, and Avidyne knows about it, but to my question about when are they going to fix it, they answered bluntly “not anytime soon”! Nonetheless, after you get used to these oscillations off course (or consider them a “simulated AP failure” :slight_smile: ), one can still practice approaches, emergencies, etc. which is what I am doing.

If somebody figured out a better solution for the Avidyne+IFD440/540+DFC90 simulator, please post! Thanks.

Honestly I use the GTN 750 / 650 in XPlane and then have the TrainerXP running on an IPAD. I just mimic the approaches etc… on both the XPlane and the IFD Trainer. It basically follows along. It works well but the IFD is not driving the sim the GTN is.

I have the RSG BATD full Cirrus cockpit. Perspective + hardware but it only does perspective . Hoping X-Plane 12 and the updated TorqueSim Cirrus plane addresses this but great for practice and currency.

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Getting closer. Full Noble BATD in process.


Expected cost?

Down to the penny :slight_smile:


See https://forum.cirruspilots.org/t/xplane-11-unreliable-on-mac-suggestions/253676/55?u=foup