ice cream

Where was I?

Yes…all’s well that end’s well.

I returned the stethoscopes to Dr Gonzalez- the elderly get so cranky.

A little briny, but he won’t notice.

And I was completely scared to fly.

Went with my instructor partner, Bruce Brown, whose PLB never beeped, and when he pulled the power on takeoff, I had a panic attack, even though you can land that 172 at 40 or so.

But notoriety breeds generosity: The Olympus guys came through with 12 scopes! And I had a lot of cleaning solutions, blue gallon jugs of gluteraldehyde and proteozymes that American Airlines felt were Hazmats, and I guess they are.

And all kinds of other stuff. The lab runs month to month, and last month’s supplies were 86’d.

So I needed a plane.

I flew an Aztec, and it looked wheezy, climbed like a dog, handled like a truck, and the avionics involved sun dials, I think.

So I impulsively bought a well used G2, flew it to Ft Lauderdale, missing that R9 a bit, bought a new raft (smaller- sorry), and a new PLB. I saw the original raft on display at Banyan- sure enough, it says it’s a 4-6 seater.

Tied the PLB to my belt- learn something new everyday, put lanyards on my specs, put my passport/money bag INSIDE my shirt where I won’t be able to rip it off with the headset/seatbelts, took a deep breath, and flew to Port au Prince, a non event, though that last couple hundred miles is lonely.

The plane looked sharp on the ramp.

Arrived in time for a Sunday tradition: Rick and Wynn and Conan take a truckload of neighborhood kids for ice cream. They put 20 in the back of the truck, and everybody sits pretty still for young kids (not very).

Rick gets a head count, and we bring back 30 pints, just to be sure- they squirm around a good bit and it’s hard to get an accurate count.

The kids eat nicely, and Wynn rides herd.

Damn, it’s good to be back.

Welcome back Dick.

Glad to see you back in the saddle and doing great things for others. Im glad you kept with a Cirrus rather than a yucky Aztec!

Welcome back!!! Thank you for all that you do.

Is that your new airplane in the pic? It looks suspiciously like 134AJ.

Good to see you back on your horse, riding the range Doc.

Well, just when I think I could not admire you more, you go and do something like this…well done my virtual friend.


Thank you Doc!