High Altitude Physiological Training ( Hypoxia)

The Southern Aeromedical Institute (SAMI) in Melbourne Fl has been designated a Cirrus Limited training facility specializing in high altitude physiological training .Special scenario based profiles have been developed specific for the Cirrus Turbo owner/pilots. This is scenario based training with ATC interaction .

"Safety in Flight ", a key doctrine every pilot lives by. Continued training is one of the more important keys to maintaining safe flight. In an effort to assist those Cirrus owners that value training, SAMI has developed a unique economic stimulus package to help Cirrus owners through our economic recovery for our high altitude physiology training program. Throughout 2009 SAMI will offer our limited training package for $495.00 per pilot. Training is important and we at SAMI recognize that and we are ready to step in and make it happen. Visit the SAMI /Cirrus Limited Aeromedical training site at http://www.sami-aeromedical.com and book your next Cirrus Training experience.”

A pressure chamber ride is something that any pilot that spends time above 15,000 feet and any turbo pilot should experience. As part of my military training I got to do it twice (4 years apart) and it is an experience that is essential for a pilot of a flight level single pilot aircraft. One that lets you experience the incredible experience of you believing (at the time) you are absolutely performing correctly when you in fact have a hard time performing simple tasks. I do not endorse or did not even know of “SAMI” but if they provide the ride to 25,000 feet and you have never been there in a controlled training environment it is well worth the $495 after all less the ½ of a aviation monetary unit.

Excellent course every high altitude
pilot should be required to take. Although I did not buy the Cirrus
(needed more seats) the experience was far better than any chamber
ride with a customized scenario designed to raise my awareness and
increase my confidence in managing a high altitude emergency.

Bonus was having coffee and bagels and
having time to discuss any and all concerns with the Doc and his
staff after the session. How many instructors would stay all day on a
Sunday to ensure you receive a quality session?