Hello from E12

Hello, from Dubrovnik and COPA E-12. View from the Valamar Lacroma Hotel.

Jolly welcome dinner last evening, tour of the beautiful Croation countryside today then a typical two hour lunch at country restaurant. European COPA members know how to live. After manditory nap must prepare for late dinner.

Tomorrow fly out to Mostar, Google it. (No wine with lunch tomorrow sacrifices must be made when you fly).

Wow! Looks fantastic!’

Dinner in old City of Dubrovnik last night. Today flight in Piper Meridians to Mostar in Bosnia,with two German members. Nice airplane,fabulous trip. Tour the city, lunch very interesting. History long but bullet holes fresh. Very enjoyable day, time to get ready for more food and wine as well as pleasant COPA people.

Evening twilight at Dubrovnik airport, LDDU

The old bridge in Mostar - UNESCO heritage

Our hotel from the air

Dinner Friday evening in restaurant walking distance from hotel great fun. Local food (excellent) local wine (nice) folk dancing and music very entertaining, no speeches, priceless. Everyone talking about days flight out to Bosnia lots of comradery and fravolity. If you are missing E12 then be sure to start planning to attend M12 in Las Vegas. Now it’s off to explore the old city of Dubrovnik.

Saturday another beautiful day on the Dalmatian Coast!

Great photos Timm!!

So beautiful! Would love to visit with my plane someday.

It’s a beautiful day at the Williamsport CPPP. Very large crowd this weekend!

Have fun at COPA E-12!!!


COPA never sleeps. Today toured the old city of Dubrovnik, unbelievably photogenic. Reason, it was severely damaged in war in 90’s and rebuilt. Very beautiful, will post pictures in a few days after return. Tonight the Gala dinner, bitter sweet since very very early in the morning we will leave the many new COPA friends we have made for the trip back to U.S.

More pictures:

COPA Registration Desk / COPA Information Booth - open daily from 8am - 8pm

Andy Niemyer and Timm Preusser introducing the new CDM course to Europe

Mike Radomsky and Gerda Preusser presenting the PIC course

Dubrovnik as seen out of an SR22 cockpit

Friday evening dinner with Croatian Folklore Dance group

That is one of my favorite places on the planet. Wish I could be there.


Terrible FAA global Influence! Even white wine? Harsh!

Great Pics, Great event!

Through the magic of in flight communication I’m posting this from Lufthansa high above the Atlantic . Last nights E12 Gala was loads of fun. Very elegant decorations and table setting (probably left over from a wedding), lively band and good food. Most of all lots of conversation about what pilots like to talk about including weather over the Alps, plan B and flight plans. This was Joyce and my first European Migration (after 10 US migrations) and we came away very impressed, the whole experience was fabulous. Timm and Dieter the prime organizers were recognized for a great job.

Dubrovnik was on our bucket list and we believe doing it as part of a Migration made it special and a much richer experience. In addition to visiting a very beautiful and interesting place we renewed and made many new friends.

This makes the very long day of travel starting with a 3:00 AM wake up call all worthwhile.

Images from E12

From the Country tour 1.) visit to typical old home, our guide and Timmn, 2 & 3.) Sokol Castle and 4.) a Jolly COPA Lunch

More Images from E12

1.) Our Mostar Guide with Dieter our E12 organizer, 2.) Enjoying Turkish coffee in typical Turkish house, 3.) part of the Dalmatian coast from the air on the way from Dubrovnik to Mostar, Bosnia

Yet more Images from E12

1.) Looking down the main street of the old city, 2.) The central square, 3.) One of the many churches, 4.) The outdoor market, 5.) Local costumes, 6.) Dubrovnik harbor, 7.) The city from the top of the wall, 8.) our tour guide in action, 9.) Old Dubrovnik from the gondola, 10.) Joyce, Lisa and Andy

I’d like to just add that this was a trip of a lifetime for both my wife Lisa and I. The opportunity to meet, talk and listen to our European COPA members, experience Dubrovnik and Croatia and above all, bag over 8 hours flying with and learning from Timm Preusser, especially about R9 and its capabilities was simply priceless. Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite until I get back to Duluth. The first is over the Alps on our way south from Germany to Slovenia, second is our departure from Portovije, Slovenia, then on down the staggeringly beautiful chain of islands that make up the Dalmatian Coast, finally, the Old City of Dubrovnik as we made our approach to the airport. No set of pics on COPA would be complete without a shot out the windshield as we landed last Wednesday in Dubrovnik airport.

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Be safe and have fun,