Has anyone looked at the Lancair Mako??

Just curious if anyone had looked at the new Lancair Mako?? With majority of the options including BRS it costs just under $400K new

Looks sweet, esoecespec pressurized

AOPA Pilot has a full review in the current issue. It sounds like quite a plane. It has BRS as an option, and apparently they’ve said that the design of the system is modeled very closely on CAPS (in terms of how the straps are routed along the fuselage, the line cutters, etc.) because the airplane is so similar in size & configuration to an SR-22.

Quite honestly, I’m intrigued. I’d like to fly one.

Mako is not pressurized although they could conceivably build one based on the ES-P vs the ES. Interesting interior and control design also. Very interesting also to compare it to the pressurized LX7 which is based on the IV-P.

Here is the information and price list I got from them in November 2017.

They have the option of building it for you (mostly) out in Uvalde, Texas.
MAKO_8-page_v1-newOct17.pdf (9.23 MB)

price list
Mako-options_pricesheet_v1.pdf (465 KB)

Potentially a fervent discussion… would you take the Lycoming NA or pay 11k more for the Continental?

Also, i asked Conrad what the climb was like at 12,000msl at gross on a standard day and he replied 500 fpm.

Did you find out how much extra the full build option was?? I really like the plane and think it’s great value for essentially an SR22 clone…only wish I was able to actually sit in it at Sun & Fun but there was a big group of people in line ahead of me. Also wonder about the value of only the front retractible wheel, I’d most likely pass on it and save the $18K

Looks very impressive. It’s what Cessna should have built off the Lancair platform they bought.

Interesting that the NA Lycoming is less than the Continental, but the turbo Lyc is more than the turbo Continental.

I saw the stall speed is 68, vs ours at 61. That seems like a not insignificant safety factor. I wonder what theirs would be at a lower gross weight, for example if you reduced fuel to Cirrus levels instead of 109 gallons? Being experimental they can have a higher stall speed, but at some lower GW their stall speed would be 61. Query does that plane have our range and carrying capacity at our stall speed?

Last, it will be fascinating to see how many go out the door with a BRS. I hope a lot.

Interesting to see center single stick and dual side-throttles.

PICs will have their right hand busy! (unless they fly rights seat.)

I received a quote from Conrad a month ago. Turn Key with brs, io 540 electronic ign., electronic fuel injection, dual G3,with Garmin 750 G5 backup, electronic brakers, retract nose wheel (12 knot gain) electronic A/C custom paint and training 525K. it will take 4months for the build. Great plane. Basically it is a columbia cleaned up. With all the added gadgets it still had a 1225 useful load.

Anyone done a test flight in the Mako or LX7?

What are they doing for anti ice? Thermawing again?

yeah I’m really curious why they did this. You’d think that hand flying and operating the gps makes it more cumbersome than left and right side sticks and center throttle

Is Lycoming ie2 an option ?

I’m assuming they expect you to be on auto pilot basically all the time. Who knows. Single center stick is the simplest way to have dual controls of course. I think the velocity does that also

Like in a proper fighter or many tandem tailwheel airplanes. :slight_smile:

Nach, I asked that question on the Mako forum at lancairtalk.net. One of the Lancair company owners replied that they don’t offer it at present but would deal with Lycoming if a customer wanted one. They offer a turbo 540 with a prop governor, full electronic ignition and it doesn’t look like they have a mixture control on the panel. They claim a “FADEC lite” approach as a result. Not quite sure what that means exactly as I have not pursued it. I think the pricing is excellent for the feature set. The plane would be more compelling to me if the turbo version was pressurized but if you are otherwise looking at a normally aspirated aircraft it is very attractive at under 500k all in. Assuming you are willing to go through the build process and fly an experimental (which I personally have no issue with conceptually given my current CubCrafters order).

I am not keen on the 68 knot Vso stall speed personally. I think it could be a real safety issue. And I am pretty sure both the Mako and LX7 use Therma-Wing for ice.

When RDD revised the IV-P (pressurized) they designed a new wing and empennage and brought the Vso down to 62 knots. Big difference…

But I would be really curious about anyone’s test flights in either aircraft.

Re right hand stick, that’s a huge nuisance IMO.

if I were building one I would explore setting up the right seat for PIC.

80-90% of people write with their right hand, and probably flip switches better with it as well. Certainly use their right hand on their iPad. I have flown right-stick planes, and you not-infrequently have to hit AP or else reach across with your left hand to hold it. Sometimes happens at a bad time.

I thought I read that they had a side stick option. Did they drop that?