Graduate Paper on Cirrus Design

I am looking for some information about the SR20/22 and would like to know if you can provide me any help for a graduate paper. The topic is strategic planning and the purpose is generate a strategic plan for my company of choice. (Cirrus Design)
As a pilot who has flown the SR20, my fondness for the aircraft and the company make this 50 page paper a labor of love. I will be happy to share it with anyone who wishes, upon completion.
The information I seek includes:

  1. Demographics on SR20/22 owners. (flight experience & ratings, age, gender, income, etc.)
  2. Typical insurance rates for PP(200hrs), and PP(IFR & 200 hrs).
  3. Typical operating and maintenance costs based upon 100, 200, or 300 flight hours per year. (including any AD’s)
  4. Current wait time to order a new SR20/22. (lead time or cycle time too)
  5. Availability of used aircraft, or positions to purchase to speed up acquisition of an aircraft.


Tell me your email address and I’ll gladly send you some info.


…or, if you want to do some serious (and frivolous) data-mining, you might want to spend $50 to join COPA and sift though the “deeper” Member Forum.