GPS 430

Is there a way to put in lat long and navigate direct. Can we do this with the 430 From Don

Consult the “User Waypoints” section of the 430 manual. You enter a lat/long (or a VOR radial/distance) and name it as a User Waypoint, then do “direct to” the waypoint.

Go to the user waypoint page. (From default page: large nob 1 click to the right to get to waypoint pages. Small knob all the way to the right to get to the user waypoint). Enter name of new waypoint. Enter location: either waypoint/radial/distance or longitude/latatude. Select create. Press D-> and enter enter.

An easy way is to press Direct, then enter the waypoint name (i.e. your chosen name or identifier) and if it is not in the database, the 430 will ask if you want to define a user waypoint. Then you can enter the location either as lat/long or distance and radial.
NOTE! When entering data on this page, I initially had trouble getting the data to “stick”. I found I had to be careful to press ENT after entering each piece of data. I can’t seem to reproduce the problem on the simulator though…