Garmin G2000

Does anyone know if/when Cirrus will upgrade to the G2000?

My GUESS would be some time after the Jet’s completed…

a definite - MAYBE - SOMEDAY

nothing has been announced


I doubt that Cirrus will upgrade to the G2000. Just like they did not put the G1000 in the current aircraft. Cirrus will work with Garmin and develop their own version of avionics that includes the capabilities they want.

So if/when Cirrus designs the next aircraft version, they will have a unique version that is better than the G2000.

Perspective is based off the G1000. One can assume whatever the “Cirrus Perspective Touch” is will be based off the G2000 platform for the single pistons, G3000 for the Jet regardless of its branding.

Every manufacturer has their own software package in the G1000. No two platforms are identical. Cirrus has a G1000 (Perspective), Embraer has the G1000 (Prodigy) and Cessna just calls it the G1000.

The G2000 in the TTx has been renamed Intrinzic.