Kudos to Cirrus

Check out the aero news network 1/1/2001 addition at link www.aero-news.net.

Here’s what they say about Cirrus and other GA manufactures!!!

A Resurgence of GA Production in 2000!

No year (in at least two decades) has been as busy as 2000 was, GA-wise. If you had any doubts that something of a recovery was in the offing for the world of General Aviation, 2000 should have put it all to rest. Y2K was a bell-weather for a number of GA firms. From the introduction of the almost-didn’t make-it-in-2000 New Piper Meridian, to the stepped-up delivery schedule at Cirrus SR-20/22, to the incredible aircraft from Micco SP-20/26, Lancair 300/400, and Extra 400, the certified airplanes made huge strides.

Best of all, there seemed be a “something for everyone” drive going in GA… because the GA manufacturers pretty much set the pace that their customers wanted… and each in subtly different ways than their competitors.

Here’s the best we saw and flew in 2000…

Cirrus Design stood out from the pack in terms of technology, packaging and the willingness to go the extra mile in selling safety to the GA communityÂ… not always an easy thing to sell to pilots, surprisingly enough. Both the 200HP SR-20 and the 260HP SR-22 are setting the standards in terms of pizzazz, excitement and technological sophistication. These are great flying airplanesÂ… with EXCELLENT handling, great panels and more modern accoutrements than ANY aircraft currently on the GA market. More important; no new company is currently meeting the production rate and consistency now being demonstrated weekly by Cirrus, who has managed to get some 100 airplanes out the door in a little over a year. WeÂ’re more than impressed, weÂ’re thrilledÂ… not only for the Cirrus folks themselves, but for the GA worldÂ… who can only benefit as the Cirrus flock shows up in greater numbers around the world. Best of all, we know that these two airplanes are just the first of a whole series of new birds in the works at Alan KlapmeierÂ’s Minnesota skunkwerksÂ… and no one is more anxious than I to see whatÂ’s next.

FMI: www.cirrusdesign.com