Garmin 1000 VS Avidyne

Wonder what the major differences are between the two, besides that the 430’s are internal in the 1000? Pro’s Con’s?

Aside from the internal avionics that you mentioned (i.e., avionics controlled from the PFD/MFD instead of a separate unit) I think itÂ’s a Ford/Chevy kinda thing. Although, IÂ’ve read that the Garmin unit is more robust in its ability to align itself while the aircraft is in motion or after an inflight reboot, and IÂ’ve seen some screenshots of the Garmin PFD showing virtual terrain like the Chelton display does, though I’m not sure that feature has actually been implemented.

Also, from what I have read, this unit will have an autopilot “built in”, and xm sat. weather.