G1/G2 considerations - factory avionics lifespan/options

So I’ve rented and flown about 35hrs in a G1, and am convinced an early SR22 is the way I want - and can afford - to go. Diving deeper into the shopping and planning process, I’m wondering a few things on early stock Avidyne packages. I’ve poured over variations of google searches which include this forum’s discussions, and haven’t managed to find clear answers…I apologize if any of these have been hit on and I failed to find the info:

  1. In either case (‘round dials’ + MFD or PFD/MFD), do most G1/G2 owners continue to pay for warranty coverage to Avidyne…or is there a consensus that repairs/replacements are a viable way forward? I read some dated info that warranties used to run about $1500/yr on MFD and about $1800/yr on PFD+MFD if bought in longer-term deals.

  2. Has the community/company come to a good ‘service life’ estimation for either avionics/MFD package?

  3. Is there any rumor of the new Garmin G5s being approved and used to replace the left side of either package - obviously replacing the PFD would seem to be a much larger project that the round-dials (as far as I can tell, Cirrus isn’t on the STC list)? I see plenty of chatter on Aspen (1 screen or 2) replacing round-dials, but if one wanted to go all Garmin, it sure seems like G5s are the new way forward.

  4. What about the Garmin TXi replacing either/both avionics and MFD?

I’ll go direct to some avionics shops as well, but I’d think 2 G5s (both eADI capable for redundancy), 1 G500TXi with engine monitoring (and maybe an integrated iPad mount) would make for a very clean, simple and capable new panel in the early SRs IF the cost is comparable to maintaining or replacing the Avidyne gear. I have no problem planning on maintaining the factory panel; I’m just thinking this will be the area outside of chute/tires/brakes/engine/prop that will require a large investment as 20 years old rounds the corner!

I look forward to any insight.


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It is all over the place. I would guess that more than half keep them under warranty. Quick turn and stable pricing is attractive to them.

Avidyne insists they have plans to support these device well into the future. It simply is not an issue/ What is true is Avidyne policies make a number of people convinced they are not viable long term but frankly they are still certifying product and conducting business like they intend to be around for a long time.

At least one person has gotten a field approval to put G5’s in. Garmin has not been so communicative about their plans. I would think if you really want G’s than you can get them somewhere or somehow.

To the best of my knowledge a Txi has not been installed in a Cirrus. Yet anyway, but they will be no doubt.

I think this is an important issue for all airplanes, the early Cirrus are just closer to EOL than a newer one is. EOL is an interesting term.

So far all the early avionics (with the exception of the Sandel 3308 and the Arnav) are supported and not EOL. OTOH, people are replacing them for more functionality and in some cases just to get glass. I have no reason to believe anything other than the ones listed above cannot be fixed or replaced with used equipment meaning the early planes will be more likely upgraded for convenience than necessity.

My early plane’s panel was fully functional when I went with an Aspen triple panel upgrade. So totally convenience in my case.