GA Aircraft Deliveries - Cirrus #3

The following data is supplied by GAMA:

Total GA single engine piston deliveries YTD through 9/30/01: 1,116

Manufacturer/ # delivered/ % of total

Cessna: 607 54%
Piper: 184 17%
Cirrus Design: 130 12%
Beech: 100 9%
Maule: 48 4%
Mooney: 27 2%

Third Quarter only: 360

Cessna: 196 54%
Piper: 66 18%
Cirrus Design: 45 13%
Beech: 36 10%
Maule: 16 4%
Mooney: 0 0%

Lancair data was not available. Apparently they only report shipments at year-end.

Cirrus Design is number 3 in both periods. Assuming Cirrus delivers one per business day in the 4th quarter, they will be very close to Piper. Given the layoffs at Beach, Cessna and Piper, they may actually increase their market share AND ranking. I guess they are doing something right!


To me, this says that the American dream is not dead. It proves that anyone with the brains, guts, work ethic, willingness to sacrifice, and $100 million in capital could do the same thing :slight_smile:

Seriously, the boys from Baraboo and their cohorts have my admiration.