G1 question

I have been thinking of my first airplane and would like to know if their are any gotyas on the split panel G1 . I thought I heard something about the MFD being an issue but I can’t find it again.

The first year or so had Arnav MFD displays. They are no longer serviced nor are databases available for them. That said many have been updated to Avidyne displays which are supported.

I guess the Arnav MFD is what I had heard about but all of the Avidyne stuff still has support. The repack is more on the G1 due to the body work involved I know. Other than that they are good?

Yeah the only other disadvantages are the early ones had a complicated single exhaust system and a 4 point engine mount which transfers more vibration. The firewall is also not beveled like a G2 which is more likely to flip the plane over in a crash. But these things are minor and the G1 is still a very nice plane and just as fast and comfortable as a newer one.

I have a 2002 sr22. 6pack with Avidyne… Absolutely love it, but every day I catch myself trying to figure out a budget to make it glass.

most g1’s I would assume would have had an engine overhaul by now. With that being the case, they would now have the 6 point engine mount and the dual exhaust. Mine does.

my biggest advise, do a thorough prebuy through a certified cirrus center. (And that’s with any cirrus. Brand new or 15 years old) I did mine through my “trusted mechanic”… Was a decision that cost me $20,000 as they didnt catch a single thing. NOW that all of that is done I havent really had an issue except for losing a mag on departure once. Wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had flying but cost me less than $500 to fix. I have done several cosmetic things changing the interior and carbon fiber panel and this and that.

love my cirrus. coming up on owning it 2 years come May and have already put over 300 hours on it. incredible traveling/flying machine. Has given me a new passion and love for flying. Before the cirrus I owned a piper arrow for 6 years and averaged around 80 hours per year…

I’m not sure it is true about either the OH or the 6 point mount, but all I have is anecdotal information - no data. I don’t think anyone is tracking that. Most of the G1’s I have contact with have higher time original engines in them. Our LOP ops and Mike Busch RCM culture here on COPA has people more often running past TBO.

That said, mine does have a 6 point mount but is an original engine (albeit with some top end work).

The G1’s are a simple, light and great performing aircraft.