Funny True Story

So some airline-pilot friends were in town the other night after flying their 767 in from the west coast. I took them to a new and trendy spot for good drinks and better girl, I mean, people watching. In between moments spying Natalia, the girl in the Calvin Klein ads, flitting by, Bruce told a funny story about a captain who was known for not talking to his co-pilots beyond the minimum, work related stuff.

They’re on a flight from somewhere in Alaska to Seattle, when, passing over a bay somewhere, the co-pilot, looking out the window on his side says, “Hey, look at those two cruise ships down there in the bay.” Silence.

After a couple hours of down time in Seattle, they head back to Alaska. Well into the flight, they again approach the bay, now on the captain’s side. He looks out his side window and, after hours of silence, says, “Yup.”

I love that one. True story.


That is a very funny story! Hopefully that captain’s reaction to emergencies is a little quicker.

Andy Groth
SR22 #428 N74AG

This reminds me of the section of Gann’s “Fate is the Hunter” classic, whereby Gann is doing his co-jo tour of duty and getting abused by the COs he works with/for. One CO let him take off and/or land every other time, while another would barely acknowledge his existence and rarely let him fly the airplane (DC-2).

Just read that this morning, in fact. Great book.

Dave Blevins