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Hey Charles,

You felt lonely? You came to the wrong forum for one thing,but in any case I read your post and weeeell,quitch your whinin’.We are all americans and we come in every color.It’s not the GOV’s job to make you feel comfy at Oshkosh.OSH has no preference.Nobody cares what color or language you speak.We all want to see the planes.If your really concerened about “Minorities” in avitaion go sponsor a minority kid.The aviaton comunity is different then all others.What matters is that you are a true american no matter what and want to share the love of aviation cause we all fantisize about it as you do.I have been to OSH many years and well, it is the melting pot bud.Lots of rich dudes though.I am a minority myself and that never slowed me down.Ask the folks who read my post.And I tell you what,I don’t know why you posted on this Cirrus site,but, CIRRUS is probably the best for “Minorities” .They have a full mix.WHITE,BLACK,MEXICAN,WOMEN,short,UGLY,AND All of the others I failed to mention.They are one of the most fair I have ever worked for.To tell you the truth,One thing I can’t stand among pilots are the cocky bulshit#rs.Minorities ? What is a minority these days? im done . later -j