Fuel stop in NC

I’ll be flying from Boston to Florida in Feb. Pitt-Greenville (PGV) in NC is about my midway point. Wondering if anyone who is familiar with the area has any comments on stopping there for fuel & food.Any other suggestions from those that fly this route often ?

On the coast of NC there is MRH (Michael Smith Field) Nice little FBO, will let you use one of several crew cars. Great restaurants on the marina about 3 miles away. Beaufort Grocery is one of them, excellent grouper.


Hi Steve -

I fly out of Portsmouth NH (KPSM) to Fla a few times a year, and several time to Hilton Head. For best Fuel prices I like KFKN, in Franklin VA, but if this isn’t far enough south for you then I suggest KILM ( Wilmington NC ) —lot’s of upsale Inns (suggest Greystone Mansion) and superb restaurants. http://www.airnav.com/airport/KILM

there is a cirrus service center in rocky mount. very friendly and easy to get in and out