Need a good stopping place?

I will be flying from Louisvilly, KY to Ft. Myers. FL on Christmas day with the family. I have been outvoted by the family who demand a pit stop (not really-I need one as well), so I am l looking for a good stopping place in Georgia or northern Florida. My route will be close to: Harris (HRS) - Dublin (DBN) - Waycross (AYS) - Taylor, FL (TAY) - Gainesville (GNV)

I will be lookikng for a place that has very convenient food, a way to get to it if it is not on the airport, reasonably priced fuel would be a plus. Instrument approaches and being open of Christmas day would also be nice! Not having major route diversions (around Atlanta) is also a good idea.

I have stopped in Athens, and while they are very friendly, it is about 10 minutes to food. (I really enjoy driving the retired police car - lights and all!)

Thanks for your help.


I fly from St. Louis to Fort Myers and stop in Valdosta Ga. It is a nice airport with all the approaches and big runway. Have not eaten there but it seems to be in a relatively busy spot. By the way have you been to Page Field in Fort Myers before? It is one of the best GA airports I have been to. They have great tiedowns and if you buy gas they don’t charge you any overnight fees no matter how long you stay.

Gordon Kaufman

Valdosta is a good stopover point. My Dad owned the FBO there for years and I have been there many, many times. There is no restuarant on the General Av side of the field, but you can go to the big I-95 exit about 5 minutes drive or go north towards town about 5 minutes for almost anything you want. The fuel prices are competitive last time I checked.

if my memery serves me…Augusta, Ga. isn’t out of the way and all you need is there!