Frederick Refugee Camp

Went out to Frederick this evening to refresh my night quals.

Man! Airplanes parked everywhere! Two deep on the grass between taxiway H and runway 5-23. I’d say the population has doubled at least. Probably refugees from the DC no-fly zone.



I imagine that place is an absolute zoo on nice weekend days now. I know a lot of folks from GAI that moved there – either they’re VFR only or are just afraid that the TFR might grow again. And all the folks at College Park and other airports have migrated to places like FDK, I’m sure.

I think Charlie, the airport manager, said he’d let people park on the grass for free, for at least a couple weeks, which is another reason why a lot of folks might be going there…


You should see White Plains (HPN) corporate heavy iron stacked everywhere. Crosswind runway covered with jets. Ramp areas are hard to maneuver around.