fractional ownership

interested in fractional ownership for sr22. in easthampton long island any infos on programs, companies etc. - pros and cons.

Contact AirShares Elite. Their web site is

I fly with them out of Atlanta and am satisfied. It has been the right way for me to get into a Cirrus. They have expanded to the New York area. You can research their plans through Aviation Consumer (best article) and AOPA Pilot (November p 77). In the AOPA Pilot issue you will see N913CD.

I highly recommend reading the Aviation COnsumer article (June 2002). It discusses the finances in detail and compares the plan to other options. Consider this a shameless plug for Aviation Consumer.

AirShares is currently in Atlanta, New York, CHicago, and Birmingham. They apparently are planning to open several more locations. Their planes come pretty much loaded. THe latest ones have Skywatch, engine monitoring etc.


The Aviation Consumer article is a good start (that the first thing I looked at, too) but you really need to dig a bit deeper to get the true picture. For example, the Ourplane 0% financing, 0 down, and 0 interest accruing for two years significantly improves the financial picture. I just signed up for a fractional here on the left coast with Ourplane and though I don’t have the plane yet, the realtionship is excellent and for my flying habit, the deal can’t be beat…good luck!