Private Cirrus Showing

OurPLANE, Inc. is hosting a private showing of the new SR-20 & SR-22 from 9:00 to 3:00pm at:
North Las Vegas (VGT) Las Vegas, Nevada on Jan 19th
Montgomery Field (MYF) San Diego, Calif. on Jan 20th

  • Fractional Cirrus OwnershipÂ… AT 20% OF COST!
  • OWN YOUR OWN AIRPLANE and fly when you want, where you want saving over 80% of aircraft costs while fractionally owning and flying a new airplaneÂ… you can afford your own new personal airplane for the price of a car!!
  • Flexible, easy-to-use online PRIORITY Reservation System – available 24 hrs/day with virtually no restrictions. Our aircraft only fly 1.6 hrs/day, so your aircraft is virtually always available!
  • NO hassles, NO responsibilities aircraft ownership, NO surprise maintenance bills, NO insurance bills!
  • FACTORY NEW AIRCRAFT, pride of ownership & safety, full tax deductibility, costing less than owning an old, used aircraft!

I fly Cirrus SR20 N860P with OurPLANE out of Palo Alto (I also own and fly my own plane). My impression so far is favorable and that it is worth considering. Prior to joining I did a thorough analysis of costs, as well as trade-offs such as (a) freedom from hassles of arranging MX, insurance, etc. vs. (b) potential limitations on availability/scheduling flexibility, compared to sole ownership. My experience so far is generally in line with what I was expecting. If anyone is considering this approach to aircraft ownership, I would be happy to discuss it from a customer’s point of view.