For Sale: Contract Price@ $179400

I’ll accept best offer over my deposit of $15,000 or I’ll simply get a refund from Cirrus. My decision will be reached by Sunday July 22.

Contract#0599 dated March’00 @ $179400

Original Contract Delivery Date April-2002.

Compared to New orders at approx $193000
All contracts are subject to an inflation adjustment until the contract delivery date.

Contract#0599 @$179400 specifies that inflation can only run until April-2002 the price then remains fixed until whatever actual delivery date is provided.

Cirrus expects approx 5% of the original price

as their calculation for final adjusted fixed price at approx $188,400

You can “capture” the $179,400 Base Price …

Contract#599 signed 3/02/2000
Contract "C"Option $32800
Contract Deposit Paid = $15000
Contract Original Dlvy April-2002
Price adjustment STOPS April-2002

CurrentDlvy Nov-2002

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