West Marine: Folding bike 7 speed 20" wheel, weighs less then 24 lbs, fold to 11 x 2 2x 32. Sale Starts: 12/3 to 12/8.
Model 2004554. Must purchase in their stores.
How does that size fit in the SR ? Can two fit? I will not have my bird till Jan 03.

Norman: This is the Dahon folding bike. I have two of the Montague which is a larger bike. Two will fit in the luggage compartment of my SR22, although it is tight. For more information on the bike you are interested in see Dahon’s web site. The West Marine price is $50 off retail.

I got the ballistic nylon carrying case for my Montegue’s. I think you will want this to protect the leather in the SR. Also, you will probably have to load the bikes through the main door and over the top of the back seat. The back seat has two pins per seat that are accessible through the luggage door. They are at the base of the seats and have a ring and pin. Pull the pins and fold the back seat forward. The pins have a retainer wire so they don’t get lost.

Dahon is a fairly good make. BTW there is an article in Aviation Consumer a while ago about folding bikes. Subscribe now if you don’t already and search for the article.

West Marine probably doesn’t carry the accessories for the bike. See Dahon’s web site for not only the case, but bags, etc.


I recently purchased 2 Dahon Helios SL’s which are top of the line for 20" bikes thinking that my son could use one at college and eventually we could use them in the plane (Sr22). Folds to only 11X22X33 and can go directly into the baggage compartment.

My son said that he won’t use his, so I am considering selling both. Neither has been used but one box was opened. I also bought a back rack and carry bag for each. Bikes are less than 21 pounds each as they are aluminum. You can view on line at [].

I’d sell them at a loss if you’re interested, as I don’t really expect to use them enough to justify the purchase.

You can reply directly to if you prefer.


Hi and thanks for the info: If you have DaHon’s web address please forward it to me.


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