FLYTHISSIM...No support, no response?

Hi Guys,

I bought a personal-use copy of FlyThisSim which I have coupled to XPlane, just before the company stopped selling to private owners during 2015.

I use it to assist in maintaining IF currency, although without nav data for my country (South Africa) this use is limited.

I am now trying to contact SimAvio (FlyThisSim) to find out what the possibility is that they might be able to give some support on their product for:

Bug fixes for my version/Enabling functionality that does not work on my version/Nav data for South Africa

However!! I cannot get a response from their support Dept or from their sales Dept. If anyone could help or has info for me I will greatly appreciate it.

Setup: Simavio/FlyThisSim SR-22 Avidyne version


Hardware: iMac 21"running in native Windows mode

Throttle quadrant & Joystick



My understanding is that they learned over time that support on multiple hardware configurations and user-supplied X-planes was not profitable, so they discontinued SivAvio as a stand-alone product and instead offer packages they know will work. As a tech guy I can understand this move.

Your best bet if you don’t want to spend the money is to hang out on various forums and see if you can find someone to help out.

I sympathize. I spend countless hours trying to do it myself before biting the bullet and buying a Touch Trainer with their full support. The experience has been amazing…excellent support!

Dion, FTS didn’t stop selling to private owners In 2015, or discontinued SimAVIO as a stand-alone product. They just renamed it “SimAVIO pro” and increased the price. A lot.

You still can buy it, with the latest updates, current US nav data, and all the excellent support, without buying a Touchtrainer.

Hi Rod,

Those are eye-watering prices…think I’ll go buy some fuel and practice the real thing!

Many thanks for the info


True, but if you’re doing IFR you may be surprised that this system can actually save money. Consider this: Many folks buy Flythissim for IFR and then sell it. The used market for these is robust. So even if it depreciates 50% (it probably won’t) you’ll save big bucks. For me, I booked at least 100 hours on my sim during IFR training and then passed (at 63 years old) IFR on the first try, with flight hours near the minimums. If I didn’t have the sim, I would have spent many more hours and much more money.

Sometimes you have to spend money to save money.

You might post here that you’d buy a used one and see if you get offers. They tend to sell quickly when members post them, but make sure the one you buy is still under factory support or that support can be renewed.

Another option: There are some less expensive trainers (e.g., Redbird comes to mind). There’s no substitute to having one that exactly replicates your plane.

They certainly are Dion, but I still think it’s worth it. Add in PilotEdge ATC and any weather scenario, and it’s a heck of a platform to maintain proficiency. There’s nothing like shooting a few approaches to minimums in your pajamas right before bed. [:)]

LOL…that’s what I did to get my IFR, though the simulation with Pilotedge attached is so real I had a rule…no practice after 8pm, as I couldn’t sleep afterwards!

There was no substitute for grabbing a half hour here and there to file an IFR flight plan, get a clearance from ATC (Pilotedge) and then fly it.

It’s the only way I survived IFR training with my horrendous work and travel schedule!

Just had a mid morning coffee and a missed approach at KTOA :wink:

Just to advise that for anyone considering a flythissim simulator to think twice. I have commenced legal action against them for non delivery and no refund of a simulator ordered and paid for in August 2018. It is now March 2019 and they are not responding to legal letters of demand. Roland Pinto the CEO will not return calls and the sales rep although nice is not delivering on any of the promises made. I am taking further legal action. Please be careful before you send any money to them.

I purchased the annual Tech Support service earlier this year and like others get no response from FlyThisSim. They no longer answer the phone, act on service tickets, or email. I wish I had read all the blogs that indicate there are many problems with this company since the Meiya Global AviationGroup took over. They did not renew the State of California Foreign Corporation required forms for 2019 and 2020. All of Touch Trainer owners will probably lose the ability to log time since they have not gotten a new LOA from the FAA. (Only good for 5 years).
I am waiting to see the results of the Ohio lawsuit that was brought against them. Good Luck. I still “fly” mine but turned off their ability to get into my unit online so they don’t do anything that might compromise its integrity. Wish everyone the best of outcomes.