FlyThisSim (FTS) suddenly malfunctioning


I have been using the Avidyne version of FTS/XPlane for a number of years without any issues. Suddenly the autopilot is malfunctioning, specifically on Vertical Speed. I use the SIM for IR currency and am lost without it.

Does anyone know what the issue might be?

Much appreciated,


While I don’t receive any updates to the FTS software (or any support from them whatsoever!), I do receive the regular XPlane updates (via STEAM). So I’m thinking that XPlane have possibly changed the software interface whereby FTS communicates with XPlane.

Anyone know how I go about requesting that XPlane, or STEAM, send me an old version of XPlane that worked fine?


Steam is notorious for bricking user mods. This box, if it is unsupported - needs to be a Standalone. That means, no windows updates, no net connection at all. Its drives need to be imaged in its working configuration incase of the inevitable.

Agree, don’t update the software on FTS simulators, unless it is an FTS update.


Thanks guys for the advice! Pity that FTS seem to have abandoned the sim business…and their existing customers.

So what sim are you guys using for IF currency for the Cirrus (mine is Avidyne equipped)?