Flock of Cirri spotted!

Hi Everyone,

While doing a short IFR training cross-country with a Cirrus owner today, we were one of 4 Cirri airborne in the general vinicity of Green Bay, WI. Rick Kummerow and I were flying N122KM. We heard N75VK practicing approaches in Green Bay (who I know to be Larry Ferguson…unless it was his son flying today). The others were N829CD and one who’s full call sign I missed (think it ended in 8JG). Now maybe this is not such a big deal in Duluth or around some of the larger metro areas in the country…but in Green Bay, WI?? Someone call the CDC, I think the Cirrus virus is out of control! [;)]

Oh…and we flew right over Lambo Field too (on an IFR flight plan). Those crazy Cheeseheads [;)] were already filling the parking lot with tailgate parties 5 hours before kickoff!

Fly Safe,
~Matt McDaniel
Progressive Aviation Services