East Coast Flight

I have to fly to Morristown NJ (MMU) tomorrow 8/27. I have not flown to the East Coast before can anyone give me some tips on what to expect.


Where are you flying from? Knowing may help your respondents.


Be prepared for reroutes, lots of frequency changes, clear, clear, clear for other airplanes. Flying here is not a passive activity. Oh, for the West and cleared direct.

Not to mention stinky visibility. At Santa Fe a bad vis day is anything under 75 miles. From my limited experience, the east coast is almost as bad as LA. (I once landed IFR at Whiteman–sky clear, visibility 2. Ugh.)

Sounds like you’ll be coming from the west so it should’nt be too much of a problem. If IFR they’ll probably route you thru Broadway. If VFR stay alert, watch your altitude and get advisories. MMU has one FBO whose facilities are under construction. Nevertheless they are very helpful but refueling is very expensive ($3.50/gal when I was there 3 weeks ago.) Have a good flight.

It also helps to know if you’re VFR or IFR. If you are IFR check the STARS for probable routings. For example if you’re coming from the west you will most likely be routed over Williamsport and Broadway. As Bob Simica said be prepared for numerous reroutes and airway clearances. The pace of communication in the NorthEast is very rapid so maintain a “sterile cockpit” and pay attention. Use your autopilot to ease your workload and allow you time to think. It’s also helpful to arrive at non peak hours if you can.
Once you fly into really congested airspace a few times you get the hang of it and I think it really becomes fun.
Have a good trip.

Thanks for the help. I am flying from SUS St. Louis MO and will be going IFR if any one has any other good tidbits> Thanks again

You should notice no differences until you hit eastern PA. Until then, business as usual. Once you get there, be prepared for a rapid increase in everything. As for routings, take the local pilots advice on preferred routings and expected waypoints.

Expect vis in the 3-7 mile range.

General routing expectations:

West of Cincinnati (cvg) business as usual… At CVG, expect vectors north or south. They seem do dislike traffic passing overhead. There is a restricted area a bit east of CVG, which may or may not be active.
If t is, you’ll just divert a bit nort or south - NBD. Then business as usual until you pass Harrisburg, PA. Then you start getting into the NY-Phila quagmire.

Otherwise, it’s not too bad.