Flight to Australia

I may need to deliver an airplane to Sidney, Australia. Can anyone suggest a route or a planning tool/book to help me out. Thanks.

Try MRY-ITO-CXI-PPG-NLK-SYD with the longest sector 2015 nm so you will need ferry tanks.

The following website will give you an indication of the challenge that you face:


Best of luck and be careful!

Can’t suggest a book, though all I am aware of go via Hilo, HI to start. You need to consider the survuival gear you will need. Suggest you look at: http://www.equipped.org/1199ditch.htm

You need a well-equipped life vest and a good life raft, IMO. A PLB is essential. If you don’t already own this gear, it might be less expensive to hire a profession with experience and the gear required.

I see you make a living as a pilot, so you’ll know what you’re getting into. Several amateurs have made the Atlantic trip to Europe, usually in good company, and they had a blast, so it is on my (long) list of cool things to do.
The Pacific trip is solo, with quite a bit of Avgas in the cockpit with you. There is a blog about one in the COPA archives somewhere. At least 2 of the legs are in the 12- 15 hour range. Quite a grind, I think, so it is not on my long list of cool trips.
But I think you already know all this. So take Knudsen’s route, and write and tell us all about it- because it’s still on my very long list of cool trips I want to HEAR
Good luck!