Ferry contest aircraft from Australia

Hello all. I saw the contest being sponsored by Your Jet Life and Angel Flight Australia for the new SR22 G6, and was curious to know what the cost might be to ferry the airplane back to the US? Is there a ballpark guide for something like this?

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Very rough ballpark.

$5k to install a ferry tank
60-70 hours of flight time (+ 3 oil changes + lots of AvGas)
Ferry pilot time (14 days @ $1000 a day = $14k)

But if you win the contest, I guess that is a small price to pay !

50-60k would be my guess

I sold a TB20 15yrs ago to a buyer in Australia. He paid $20k then to have a company do the pre-buy and fly it to Perth. I took the ferry pilot to dinner after the initial pre-buy. He was a very interesting gent. Lots of crazy stories

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yeah one of my clients bought an Australian based SR22 NA and had it ferried back. I think he told me it was $50K+ incidentals. He went through American Samoa and had some issues getting fuel there. Then he had some issues waiting for winds to make the crossing from HI to Cali. Good luck sounds like an awesome adventure!

Mark just did a ferry to Australia. He ferried my plane from italy. Highly recommended.