Has anyone heard anything regarding the certification of the Aerosance FADEC system? Is the FAA just dragging their feet, or are they having some fundamental problems with it?

At Airventure 99 the Teledyne/Aerosance people said it would definitely be certified by the end of the year. Then it was by Sun & Fun 2000. Then it was by Airventure 2000. Then it was in a few months. Then it was by AOPA 2000 in Long Beach. It was supposed to be on the AOPA’s “Millenium Mooney” but wasn’t certified in time so they had to go with the “good old mags”.

I haven’t seen any press releases, so I assume it’s not certified yet.

If the system operates as advertised, I believe that it will be the biggest advancement in GA engines since valve covers stopped engine oil from blowing back in our faces.

I had thought until now that it was a question of when. I’m now wondering if it’s a question of if.

John Mininger

Quakertown PA

I recently asked the same question to Mr. Eric Parlow who apparently is the TCM project engineer for the IO-550. He seemed a very reasonable fellow and gave me the following estimates; certification in the spring of 2001, and production introduction in the summer-fall of next year. Also to everyone, don’t be surprised to see a “significant” increase in price.