Extra keys

any suggestions on where to get a set of spare keys or blanks for an 2002 cirrus sr 22 G1,

2001 G1…my local locksmith made several spares for me after purchase. No problem. Had the blanks on hand.

Try your local hardware store that makes keys. You might have to go to several before you find one that has blanks that will work.

awsome guys but does anyone know the code or manufacture of the blank. thats the real Key here (pun) case in point a suzuki motorbike blank or a honda lawnmower…

See this thread.

Gordon WIns!!! I am off, thanks team

I didn’t realize it was that difficult to get a spare. I walked into the locksmith & asked if he could make me a few spares. A quick “Sure” and a few minutes later had several spares for ~$20. They all work fine

Given that the actual ACS keys (i.e. same manufacturer as the ignition switch) are only $23 at Spruce, I think I personally would just get one from there: ACS Cut Key | Aircraft Spruce

I’m cheap. I got 2 for $5 at the local locksmith. His normal stock included the correct blank.


Like Dave my local specialist locksmith had no issue with finding a blank and it was only a couple bucks. The two hardware stores I tried first didn’t have them, Home Depot and Ace.

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