Ignition Key Blanks

Our flying club has a G1 SR22 that needed a new ignition switch at annual. Unfortunately, the new ignition key is a double-sided key that I can’t find a blank for. The Cirrus Service Center wants $13 PER KEY blank. With a club membership of 70, of which 20 of them are checked out in it, that’s an expensive proposition. Does anyone have a source for ignition key blanks outside of Cirrus?


There are several discussion about key blanks and where to source them on the Member side of the forum, I would be happy to provide a link but as a guest you would not have access.

Since you recently replaced the ignition switch, I am also unsure which key blank is right for your plane.

If you provide more information about your switch, perhaps one of us can point you in the right direction, you may also consider upgrading to a full Member and finding the answer directly on the forums, sounds like you would make back your Member dues on this one piece of advice alone.

I’m guessing your standard hardware store may not the blanks, but check with any locksmith shop. Ours had them.

You need a DE2 blank. Should be easy to find. I learned the hard way when my keys were stolen.

That’s what we had with our old ignition switch. The new one is a double-sided key. Thanks for trying though.

I used an Ilco LF12 for the ignition. Be careful, sometimes double sided keys will come out of the ignition with the switch still in the “On” position leaving one or both of the mags hot. Make certain to turn the key fully CCW before removing it from the switch.

Put the Electroair switch plate in and then just have a door key.

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Thanks for the info Barry. The reason our ignition switch was replaced was that the key was falling out of the ignition during their post-annual runs. I’ll make sure we keep an eye on that.

Hey Chip , did you have this installed ? If so how do you like it and also what kind of installation cost could one expect ?

All original style ignition keysets have a 2000 hour AD, so they have to be replaced eventually. This one requires some light panel modification, maybe 1 hour and does not have any AD associated with it.

If its the same ignition on my SR20 G3, my locksmith used Ilco FIC3-P (RV blanks). He had to grind an angle onto the sides of the shaft behind the key cut but that took 2 seconds. I can upload a pic of the cut key if needed. That being said, I think after that was done, I saw some other ilco blanks with the angles already there by default (may be the LF12 mentioned above)


here is mine works just fine.