European Certification

Have any of the two SR’s been certified in Europe, or are owners still flying on N-registrations?

I will be taking delivery of a 22 soon and will be keeping it on the N register.

My understanding is that the CAA in the U.K. think that the parachute is a liability (a passenger could panic and set it off by mistake) so it would have to be removed or disabled if the plane was to be placed on the ‘G’ register, but that’s the CAA for you!


Regarding the CAA: Oh brother!
Have a blast (no pun intended) with the new plane.
P.S. Are you using a “trust” company such as Aircraft Guaranty and if so what has your experience with them been.

I am using a company called Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc. (Based in the UK) I know of other owners who have used them and they all seem more than happy with the service they have received.