Could anyone tell me the cost on total install for the engine view and were you had it done I got one price I thought was really high. They never have done one before so they were probably going charge me to learn cant have that. Plus I would rather have someone do it that has done one thanks From Don

JA a Cirrus Service Center and big avionics shop in West Chicago charged me a flat rate of $2500 for the Engine Monitoring installation.

Lincoln Park Aviation in Lincoln Park NJ charged me $5500 total (I believe it was $4500 for the hardware and $1000 for the install).

However, since the dealer gets a substantial markup on the hardware, the exact breakout of the $5500 is a bit arbitrary.

Understand that LPA has now done quite a few EngineView installs.

I was quite satisfied with their work.


Don, we went through the same exercise two months ago and opted for engine monitoring from E. I. Instruments. The unit is mounted in the panel below the row of switches as shown by another owner in an earlier post. Total cost installed was $2500 and it provides us with the information we need at the same time reducing our dependency on the ARNAV. Yup, I would rather have the ARNAV but the “Scrooge” in me prevailed.