Engine prime works intermittently

Prime pump occasionally doesn’t load. Battery is fairly new. Any ideas?

Have you waited until the PFD shows the artificial horizon? I find that sometimes my pump (SR22T G5) won’t prime until Garmin system is running.


Agreed. There is a delay after you turn in the batts before the prime pump will work.

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As Chris and Scott have said, there is a computer lockout that requires a degree of boot up to the PFD/MFD before the prime part of the pump will work. This was an add on to the software after a few incidences where prime was misused and the engine got flooded.

So wait if prime does not work right away. At the first least the system needs to “see” an oil pressure less than 10 before prime will work. So that engine page has to boot up first.

Happened to my G2 Entegra plane - sprayed some deoxit in the switch and hasn’t happened since

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The G2 does not have the software lock out of the Perspective series.

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Yup, just saying it may be the contacts in the switch and not the software

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Thanks, guys!

2004 G2. Just got mine back after an extensive troubleshoot for the prime pump not working.
Found it was a ground in the oil pressure sensor on the oil cooler.
Apparently the prime is grounded to this sensor.
Replaced the sensor, works great now.