Current Website Issues

Our third party hosting provider is experiencing a critical systemwide outage that is impacting the following:

  1. COPA’s main website
  2. The ability to login to the forums on those devices that are not presently authenticated.

To maintain access to the forums, please remain logged in (do not sign out) and browse directly to:

Will update here when resolved.


Update 2020-11-17T23:00:00Z (23:00z):
We have redirected all our website traffic to our Forum site.
If you have been logged into the Forums within the last 96 hours you will be able to continue to stay connected to the forums through this outage.
For those of you that are not able to log in, standby as we get our systems back online, we apologize for the inconvieance.

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Update: 2020-11-18T17:15:00Z (17:15z)

Fellow COPAns, while our web hosting provider’s systems remain down at this hour, and we have yet to receive an estimated ETA for their return to service, we would like to update you on what we do know, and how this ransomware attack has affected COPA and our members.

  • The COPA Forum software was unaffected (separate system/service provider).
  • Forum user authentication and new user signups are offline.
  • Recent visitors to the forums (within the past 96 hours) will continue to be able to access the forums provided you DO NOT LOG OUT.
  • COPA’s data is not believed to be encrypted or compromised in any way.
  • The COPA site and data were taken offline by along with thousands of other sites to prevent the attack from affecting our site/data.
  • No sensitive Credit Card data is stored within our systems nor All billing information and transactions are handled by a third-party payment processer who is fully compliant with modern security best practices and industry rules, specifically utilizing Tokenization, once again this vendor and the member payment data was not affected by the attack.
  • All membership passwords and data are encrypted and salted.

We are making every effort to restore our services as soon as possible.

Due to the large-scale nature of this attack on our provider, there have been a number of unforeseen challenges to work through.

The entire COPA Volunteer Website Team, along with our hosting providers and contracted vendors, are working diligently to ensure a complete restoration of our systems and data.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We will continue to provide updates via this forum topic as they become available.

Here is an article related to our outage:


Erik and Mitch, thank you for all of your efforts. At this point I imagine you are both waiting for the locusts to arrive.

We are very fortunate to have you both as dedicated volunteers. All COPAN’s owe you a debt of gratitude.



Thanks for the update and the effort by the team.
Let me know if I can assist.


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Hmmm BTC heading to new highs again, timely attack by the ransomware folks. :face_with_monocle:

All users are now able to login on to any device.

This is done via an email sent to the address we have on file for the user.

This will keep the user logged in on that device until they log out or delete cookies on that device.

See this post for more details.


Erik and Mitchel,

Thank you! This is a nightmare to deal with and know COPA is in good hands with your leadership and handling of this situation. You all are very much appreciated!

Not sure if there’s anything I can help with, but if there is, say the word and consider it done.


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You mean you guys are figuring out a workaround for the Ransomware Attack?

How the heck am I ever going to collect my $$$ and pay for that brand-spanking new SETP?

At this rate all I will be able to afford is a 152 :grinning:

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I have had a front row seat to this issue for the past 48 hours and can personally attest to the dedication and talent displayed by Erik and Mitch, we are fortunate to have them at the helm of the COPA IT department steering the ship through this most unfortunate debacle.

1 Like strikes again. They screwed me over something like 15 years ago by taking my servers offline to move them from one facility to another (without notice) and “lost” them. Just seeing that name makes me cringe.

Thanks for all your hard work.

:arrow_up: Well that would have been good to know…

Lets put it this way… We are not going to be on any longer…