Electric tow bar

Can anyone please advise me on the Sidewinder electric tow bar from Redline Aviation ?



I have just moved to a new hanger where I will need a tow device. I looked at this online but can’t imagine that it would work over any obstacle whatsoever. Am anxious to see if someone actually has one and uses it.

Also can’t imagine battery has enough power or depth to use it for anything but for very short distances


I’ve had one for a couple of years. I use it to move my SR-20 with full fuel onboard into and out of my hangar, in an area that is generally fairly level, but over a hangar transome that has a small lip. It works fine for me; I typically charge the batteries once a month while I’m out flying. It can easily be folded and stowed in the baggage area if you need it at another location.

Stay away from the Sidewinder- far away!! I have a 2015 SR22 G5. I asked Linn on the phone if there had ever been any issues with the chain cutting away at the nose gear fairing cap? I told him I keep a clean aircraft and this was of concern to me. He told me he had never heard of anyone chafing their nose gear so i ordered the tow bar. The very first time using it, not 30 seconds in, the exact thing I was concerned about happened the chain vibrated and hit the fairing knocking off a chunk of composite that will cost hundreds to repair and repaint. In response he said some people cut away their nose gear fairings to accommodate the chain. I said, “well if you’re aware people are doing that, then obviously you must have known that there was a possibility it could hit!” He became very offended and hostile, basically calling me an idiot and trying in every way to blame this on me. He also called me a liar refusing to believe the chip in the photo below was caused by the tow bar! He sent me a video of his grandson using it saying “even my grandson can use it without issue!”

I offered to shoot him a video of it in motion so he could see the chain hitting the fairing if he would agree to repaint that cap if it damaged the fairing again. I think that was more than reasonable. He danced around the issue again, with more denigrating words and said it was my fault that I should have somehow known it would hit! I told him at least 4x that I tried moving it without the motor running and that it did clear, it was the vibration of the chain that made it hit. There was no way i could have known that without running the motor! I took him at his word it would not hit. He would not agree to reimburse me if further damage was done making this video, mind you I already had photos that completely prove the chain hit the fairing. You can even see small specks of metallic paint on his tow bar! I will include the photo. I’m also happy to send anyone interested in this the email correspondence so you can see what type of guy he is and what you’re getting yourself into…

All I can say is stay far away, it looks like a good solution but it’s really not. And dealing with him and his self-righteous attitude is just not worth the stress or aggravation. It was the WORST customer service experience i have EVER had with ANY product!! He’s not even paying for return shipping!! I have to pay to send it back and I’m gonna have to get my nose gear fairing cap repainted probably at the cost of $2-400. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy! Save yourself the money, stress and hassle of dealing with him. Stay away from the Sidewinder if you care about the aesthetics of your aircraft at all. I couldn’t be more disappointed with how this has been handled.