EFIS for sr 20

Any word on plans for EFIS in the sr 20 any time soon?
On a separate note, the trim on my sr 20 is very touchy. Is there any way to tone this down a little?

don’t think the EFIS is on the near-term horizon.

Regarding, the trim, the finger-flick seems to work best.


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On a separate note, the trim on my sr 20 is very touchy.

Be sure that you’re not accidentally blipping pitch trim a little when commanding roll, and vice versa. Be sure that you are trimming using the axis of the trim switch, not the airplane. Since the switch is canted at an angle relative to the airplane axes, if you move your thumb “forward” with respect to the airplane you are probably tweaking roll trim at the same time.

see the announcements on the http://www.cirrusdesign.com/Cirrus homepage

Great!!! It just made my 2003 steam gauged Sr20 an antique!!!

Same here,

Am I glad I didn’t order a 22 to get it !

But I wait before changing anything, the next series ( SR20 - 400 ?) might have standard Mode S transponder, and DME and ADF as an option [;)]


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