adjustable rudder trim (just say NO!)

If you’re considering rudder trim as an option on your SR20, don’t. I know Cirrus has been alluding to this as a future option for the 20. In fact, if you’re taking delivery on a '22, you may want to think long and hard about having them OMIT the rudder trim controls on your airplane.

I can only speak for my '22, but today I did some full power Vx and Vy climbs with the rudder trim in a physically neutral condition (tab straight back), and only needed light right rudder pressure to stay coordinated.

My SR22 flies just fine with neutral trim (physically neutral, the indicator on mine is wrong and may even be slipping), as does Keith’s (S/N 0003). He’s got a few knots on me, and while I’m not qualified to say why, my money would be on the rudder trim.

Cirrus didn’t do their normal totally cool spring-loaded internal control for the rudder trim on the '22, instead it is an adjustable trim tab with an external servo and a kludgey anti-flutter counterweight sticking out on one side.

I have become spoiled by Cirrus’ excellent engineering on every other aspect of the plane. The adjustable rudder trim should be reworked or eliminated.