Easier Way

There is a easier way to intercept a course or a radial between two waypoints. The Garmin is much faster to use if you load all of your waypoints into the flightplan. If you want to intercept the “course” and not fly direct from your present position, simply highlight the end waypoint in your flight plan with the cursor and press "direct’ 2x’s. This will activate the leg you wish to fly. Much easier than having to enter radials and twist knobs.

But you will not be flying a heading of 090 as directed by ATC.

The S-Tech will take a 45 degree intercept. 090 + 045 = 135 degrees. All hands off

Christian -

In the interest of safety, I think it is important to point out that the method you recommend will NOT generally yield the ATC requested intercept heading. In fact, it is usually NOT possible to define the requested radial with two endpoints (OBS required).

If you’'d like to try it, use the Garmin 430 sim in the following scenario:

Teterboro 5 Departure, Rwy 24, TEB

ATC clearance off TEB wiil be:

Fly HDG 240 to intercept COL R350 inbound, then Dixie direct, on course.

The method recommended by Lou Allstadt, among others, does work correctly.