Diesel SR22

Saw online that Europe approved Centurion 4.0 TurboDiesel(350HP) for SR22, any hope in America? More HP and less fuel burn.
Skip, prior SR22 owner awaiting DA50 or the above

That would be great. I am looking to upgrade to a Turbo 22 or a Columbia 400. This would be a great option.

A TURBODIESEL conversion for the best-selling Cirrus SR22 has been certified in Europe.
The news slipped out in a press release from Thielert about a delay in its annual results.

The company says: “The Centurion 4.0 was certified by the EASA for the installation in the Cirrus SR 22 on February 12, 2007 already. The certification of the 4.0 for the Cessna 206 is expected in the next days. These two certifications will open the market for deliveries of the 4.0 engine.”

Thielert’s 4.0-litre V8 turbodiesel is essentially two of the 4-cylinder inline engines stitched together. It produces maximum power of 350hp @ 2300rpm, though max continuous power is 330hp. It’s fitted with a hydraulic variable-pitch MT 3-blade prop and the whole unit weighs 275.8kg - similar to the 310hp Continental unit it will replace, claims Thielert.

It’s expected the turbodiesel Cirrus will see cruise fuel consumption figures of around 45 litres per hour - a huge improvement over the 70 litres per hour of the standard Avgas aircraft.

Similar to what Cirrus did with Tornado Alley and the new Turbo. Bet that Cirrus is behind this and will get the kinks worked out in Europe. Ideal for them with restricted availability of Avgas in Europe, Africa on and on. Cirrus already indicates foreign market is the new growth area for them. Probably will bring to US as Avgas prices climb.

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Bet that Cirrus is behind this and will get the kinks worked out in Europe.

When asked about this recently at Sun and Fun Alan K. responded that Cirrus did not have any interest in the project; that diesel is just too heavy to be a viable powerplant for an SR aircraft.