Dead stick landing techique?

I was reflecting on my demo flight last week as well as earlier posts when it has been pointed out that a power on till touch down is the way to land gracefully. As a 25 year glider pilot having made in excess of 1000 landings using a laminar flow wing I then remembered that I know of at least one pilot who has flown an SR20 into a field without power so it can obviously be done safely, if not in a pretty fashion. What are others experience with “power off” landings? Will Wings Aloft be dealing with this item during the training sessions? It would be a shame if someone had to use the BRS just because the motor stopped right over a perfectly nice runway or landing strip because they did not know how to land without a motor running!

PS: I had to get back into a rental this week - back to “beaters” for another six to nine months - ARRRGHHH!

I am flown 60 hrs with the N 102 CD nearly.

With a little bit training it is no problem to land with “power off”. For a skilled glider pilot