Da Bounce

Just a quick note on bounced landings for the board. I am taking my inital training with Wings Aloft and was working a short field at Monroe, Washington when I got a first hand look what to do when the nose wheel hits hard.

Was trying to hit the numbers at 75kts (short field) and was a few feet high of where I wanted to be so I pulled power back a bit and put the mains down a little harder than my previous landings. Mind you it was nothing compared to a short field landing in a Piper but the mains did bounce a bit.

When the nose touched it came up a lot faster than I expected and then immediately slammed down hard for a second bounce. Per the training and also thanks to the forum here I went full power for a go around no problem.

What I want to convey is that this nose wheel bounce was a like a rhythmic or harmonic event. It has a different feel than a hard landing. There is no doubt in my mind that the next nose bounce would have been higher and harder and would likely have resulted in a prop strike or worse. If you wait for that 3rd bounce before hitting the gas you will be too late.

From what I’ve read here, this type of harmonic nose wheel bounce was likely the cause of the recent SR22 accident. Not that you need another reminder, but make sure you go around if this event happens. This type of landing probably cannot be saved without damage to the plane.