Looking for engine poll on COPA forum

Good evening fellow pilots/owners.
I was directed to this site by my engine overhauler.
He is currently building me a replacement TSIO-550-E1 to take over where my failed engine left me… on a highway miles from home, last fall.

My crankshaft broke at the web just aft of main bearing journal #2 and fore of rod journal for cylinder #2 (pretty sure I have that right).

Upon cylinder removal I also see a case crack emanating around the fore, upper part of cylinder #2 mounting surface.

If anyone knows of a poll on COPA regarding large bore Continentals suffering crank failure or case cracks, I would like to either read & post; or have my data point entered.
Thanks. Found nothing, on a search.

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Hello Dave.

Glad to hear you handled the emergency safely.

I ran a quick search on our discussion forums and found over 150 lengthy discussion threads matching your topics (“cracked casing” and “cracked crankshaft”).

You may also find it useful to search the FAA’s Service Difficulty Reports database.

We hope to see you in the forums soon.


Thank you so much, Clayton.
My overhauler said “they have a poll going on this topic over on COPA” so I guess he was wrong.
I appreciate you searching and getting back to me.

Thanks so much Hans, I will consider your suggestion.

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