Copying the SR22 maintenance manual and its incompleteness

I copied the maintenance manual onto a small (2.2 LBS) laptop that I take with me. This laptop doesn’t have a CD-ROM that can go on the road easily, so I copied the PDF to the laptop’s hard disk. The way I did it:
right click on the CD-ROM icon, chose “explore”,drag/drop the PDF.
Pretty simple, but here’s the ways it it didn’t work:

  1. drag/drop the CD-ROM icon ("can’t do that, according to WinME)
  2. No “write” option to the acrobat reader on the CD-ROM
  3. Printing to a file from Acrobat caused a DLL error
  4. Linux system unable to read the CD-ROM as either ISO 9660 or as a VFAT (this is odd).
    My beefs with the maintenance manuals are:
  5. No configuration instructions for the Arnav, the Sandel, or the Garmins. I need this information, though I can guess at most of it from http://www.sandel.comSandel’s excellent web site.
  6. No schematics, which I very much need to debug several problems. Top Gun has some fax’d preliminary schematics, but they are incomplete and difficult to read (some key signal names are impossible to read).
    I do not understand why Cirrus can’t give us schematics for an aircraft they’ve already shipped 50 of. This has me fairly steamed. They ship a product with a lot of problems, don’t have enough spare parts, and won’t give me usable schematics. It has been 6.5 weeks since I took N567AB to Top Gun for a slew of problems, and the main one, an apparently bad MCU, still isn’t fixed. I also have an unresolved avionics problem: the CDI, GS, and moving map information is not getting to the Sandel anymore.

Robert Bedichek