ARNAV ICDS 2000 service manual

Does anyone know where can get an ARNAV ICDS 2000 service manual? (Something with the internal specs, pinouts, hardware, etc) My screen’s blank but the unit still powers up.

Alternatively, if anyone has a working ARNAV ICDS 2000 for sale, I’d be interested.



That’s what happens to all of them. You might consider upgrading to the Avidyne. Many members here have made the switch. I may have an Arnav in my hangar. I’ll check in the morning and get back to you.


Do you have any EE’s who want a project? It’s a SCADA 486.

Thank you!!! I appreciate you looking.

If I do upgrade, I was thinking I’d go with the Sagem so I dont have to rewire. ( )

It would be interesting to know how many Cirri there are with this upgrade since it was announced in 2012. I bet you can count it on fingers of one hand, if any at all. Something to consider.

And be sure to ask about database support. They stopped supporting the old one. Without a database it’s just a boat anchor unless you have engine monitoring and it works for that. Another good question to ask.

That’s because they never break.

Joseph: Someone posted a few years ago that there is a inexpensive replacement screen for the Arnav. Mine died in 2011. I bought a surplus unit from Cirrus for 100.00and robbed the screen from it. If you can find a LCD screen to replace it, it will save you a ton of money.

Good luck.



Any idea where that post re replacement screen might be? The lcd would be easy enough to replace with the right part. I’ve been google’ing and have found nothing (even tried the part numbers from inside the unit.)


Call Alex Wolfe. I think he is the one that you can replace them. I will go through some old notes and see if I can recall. It was 2011 when mine died.

It’s Wolf, and it’s not enough to just to call me. This is an Industrialized 486 DX2 66 SCADA type chipset. You need to find an electrical engineer who is familiar with those types of chipsets to run through the troubleshooting. It’s usually something simple like a broken solder joint. If you do not want to go through that that type of troubleshooting, you can always call Sagem and I’m sure they would gladly take your money.


Alex, I have spoken with Sagem. They won’t do anything for any support. They shut the repair operations down several years ago. But you contact my be an outstanding resource for Arnav owners. Thanks for sharing that.

He has to be cheaper than a avionics repair in general.

Its always enough to call you. You are fricken brilliant.



Now I added an e to my name the universe should be right. :slight_smile:

Hi Joe,

I am the Sales manager at Sagem Avionics responsible for the ICDS 2000 replacement. Please contact me at 972-408-3647 or for further information.



I have a working ARNAV ICDS 2000. I bought it as a spare for my aircraft which is a Velocity. I have since upgraded to the newer Sagem displays which operate on my 12 volt system this on is a 28 volt so it will work in a Cirrus.