Need Maintenance Manual for 2005 SR22 GTS

I just purchased a 05 SR22 and immediately have a need for this manual to get some work done…which was not included with the plane. If anyone has one or knows where I can put my hands on one, please let me know.

Thank you!

Right here on this site - here.

Patrick - Sometimes it doesn’t let you nest deep enough if working off a mobile device like an iPad or iPhone. Here is the direct link for a SR22. If you want a hard copy you likely need to contact Cirrus. Also you can’t download the online version unless you have sophisticated knowledge of ASP file structure. Paul likely knows how to do that though!

Thank you - it doesn’t seem to reference a year, how does the mechanic know the repair is for the correct year? The mechanic I’m using wants me to buy a hard copy for $700!

Ha ha, I did it just for fun one Saturday morning.

Just access every section and save them into a directory called “/pdf”. Then save the file “ammtoc.html” into that same directory. Use a browser to access that file and you have the online manual on your computer. It will take hours though…

I bought the paper manuals from Cirrus years ago and still enjoy using them - especially the wiring manual with the foldout diagrams.

The manual covers all the serial numbers. Each diagram shows any differences between the models.

Thanks for the help guys!

Now that you see what COPA can do for you, maybe you will join. Best $65 you can invest in Cirrus Ownership.

Does anyone have a fully searchable PDF copy (SR22 G1)? Would be much better than pecking through the outline!



Where do you find the “ammtoc.html” file?